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production, Coca Production, Cocoa bean production, Coconut production, Coffee production, Common Currency, Conscription, Constitutional state type, Constitutionality of Balko-Kúúlism, Contraceptive prevalence, Copper production, Copyright term (after publication), Copyright term (postmortem), Corporal punishment, Cotton production, Council of the Five Knives, Country calling code, Country Recognition, Cultivation of GMOs, Cultural Organisations, Dairy consumption, Dalar personhood, Dalar population, Dalar treatment, Date production, Days per week, Decimal mark, Democracy Index, Diplomatic missions, Disposal of dead, Divisions of military, Dominant Species, Draconic Alliance, Driving side, Eastern Vaniuan Association, Economic Organisations, Economic suffrage, Education system, Ekuosian Union, Euthanasia, Fals personhood, Fals population, Fals treatment, Favourite Drink, Female Genital Mutilation, Fertility rate, Firearm Ownership, Firearms per 100 residents, First-generation immigrants, Fishing industry, Food Energy Intake, Formation of current political structure, Freedom of panorama, Freedom of religion, Freedom of speech, Freedom of the Press, Fruit consumption, GDP (Nominal) (millions), GDP (nominal) per Capita, Gender Equality, Gini Coefficient, Given name, Gold production, Grain and starch consumption, Grain production, Great Ekuosian War, HDI, Head of Government, Head of State, Healthcare system, Hemp production, Herbal tea production, Higher education, Highest Point (natural, metres), Highest Temperature, Human or non-human, Human personhood, Human Population Percentage, Human treatment, Hunting, Immigrants by country of origin, Incarceration rate, Income Tax, Infant Mortality, Infanticide, Intentional Homicide Rate, International Congress, International Rail Connections, International tourism, Internet censorship, Internet surveillance, Internet users per capita, Intersex surgical intervention, Interspecies Marriage, Interspecies relations, Iron production, Kavrinh personhood, Kavrinh population, Kavrinh treatment, Largest religion, Laws regarding incest between close family, Legal name change, Legal sex change, Legality of adoptive parents, Legality of blasphemy, Legality of incestuous marriage, Legality of incestuous relations, Legality of music, Legality of smoking, Length of coastline, Life expectancy (human), Literacy Rate, Lowest point (natural), Lowest Temperature, Main dairy source, Main export type, Main sweetener source, Male circumcision, Mandatory education, Marijuana production, Meat consumption, Meat production, Median age (human), Medical sex change, Membership of Balko-Kúúlist Congress, Military spending, Minimum wage, Minimum wage used?, Most common cooking oil/fat, Most common eye colour, Most common labour animal, Most common livestock, Most common natural hair colour, Most common pack animal, Most common skin colour, Most popular cheese type, Most popular companion animal, Most popular sport, Motor vehicle production, Mushroom production, Name order, National Airline, National elections, Native ethnicities, Native species, Natural rubber production, Net migration rate, NEW Electricity Consumption (bil kWh), Nickel production, Nomadic population, Number of Major Airports, Number of Major Ports, Obesity rate, Observation of DST, Oil production, Olboros presence, OLD Electric power consumption (MWh), Overall Immigration Policy, Overall political tendency, Parliamentary election system, Pashaist League, Peach and nectarine production, Peanut production, Pear production, People's Alliance of Sahar, Percentage homeless population, Percentage of female representatives, Percentage of forested land, Percentage population living on ≤ $1.25 /day, Perception of Corruption, Physician density, Plastic production, Political Unions, Polygamous marriage, Popular Alcohol, Popular meat, Population (Capital city, percentage of total pop.), Population (total), Population Density, Population Growth Rate, Population planning, Potato production, Practice of cosmetic surgery, Practice of Piercings and Implants, Practice of scarification, Practice of Tattooing, Predominant human ethnic phenotype, Prevailing government ideology, Prevalence of veganism, Prevalence of vegetarianism, Primary benefactor of labour laws, Primary cereal grain, Primary drug production, Primary Energy Source, Primary language family, Primary script family, Primary transportation (long-distance), Primary transportation (urban), Primary writing system, Prostitution, Public national opinion, Pumpkin production, Racial intolerance, Rate of lactose tolerance, Rate of urbanisation, Reaction to Thewer Conflict, Recognised genders, Recognition of personhood, Recreational drug laws, Region of Sahar, Religious Population Percentage, Right of foreigners to vote, Rights of immigrants, Sahar Metric Time, Salt production, Same-sex Marriage, Same-sex relations, Seafood consumption, Secondary writing system, SIFA Football Confederations, SIFA membership, Silver production, Size of military, Slave ownership, Slavery, Social stratification, Soltennan Council, Southern Winds, Species intolerance, Staple food, State religion, Steel production, Suffrage by gender, Suffrage by species, Sugar production, Suicide rate, Surname, Surname lineage, System of Government, System of Law, Taanttu Cultural Alliance, Tap water safety, Tea production, Terminian Dominion, Timber production, Timezones, Tin production, Tobacco production, Tomato production, Total area, Track gauge, Trade Relations, Type of Economy, Type of Government, Typical utensils, Unemployment Rate, Universal basic income, Uranium production, Use of school uniform, Utility voltage/frequency, Vaccinations, Vegetable and legume consumption, Visa requirements, Vodholk personhood, Vodholk population, Vodholk treatment, Vosan Commonwealth, Walnut production, Watermelon production, Whaling, Wine production, Working day hours, Zinc production

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