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Are transgender people allowed to have their legal sex marker (on e.g. birth certificates) changed? Stipulations include medical sex change, sterilization, official diagnosis with gender identity disorder or similar, or a letter from a therapist or doctor.
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Show Info: Legal sex change
Achiyitqana No legal sex
Amaia Unknown
Asota Legal
Astalva Legal, with stipulations
Atameng Illegal
Athsud Legal
Awating Unknown
Azerin Legal
Azey Legal, with stipulations
Balakia Illegal
Barradiwa Legal, with stipulations
Bavkirak Illegal
Bomhan Unknown
Bomo Legal, with stipulations
Bosato Legal
Cedrol Unknown
Cerman Illegal
Czisilia Unknown
Dhwer Illegal
Dulozud Unknown
Eyada Unknown
Farmosh Illegal
Fyevan Unknown
Galadros Unknown
Gfiewistan Legal, with stipulations
Gushlia Illegal
Hangai Legal, with stipulations
Hemesh Unknown
Heoroma Illegal
Jaegheste Unknown
Jilu Lyladna Legal, with stipulations
Jute No legal sex
Kaatkutia Illegal
Kadya Legal
Kaiyyo Unknown
Kedros Legal, with stipulations
Kepeshte Unknown
Koize Unknown
Komania Illegal
Kunjut Unknown
Letzia Legal, with stipulations
Lhaqinga Unknown
Lhavres Legal, with stipulations
Liosol No legal sex
Litene Legal
Lorimer (Letzia) Legal, with stipulations
Lufasa Legal
Lugida Legal
Mablag Illegal
Magali Unknown
Manea Unknown
Mermelia No legal sex
Monyo Illegal
Mwamba Legal, with stipulations
Nevira Legal
New Komy Unknown
Ngeam Unknown
Nolcik Legal
Nordjaelm Legal, with stipulations
Nyatol Illegal
Ohania Illegal
Orzun Legal, with stipulations
Ozaria Unknown
Palinaua Unknown
Povan Union Legal, with stipulations
Qgam Illegal
Qonklaks Legal, with stipulations
Quaxin Xun Legal, with stipulations
Riyana Legal
Rosland Illegal
Ru Unknown
Sanmra Illegal
Saphros Unknown
Shohai Unknown
Shohuan Illegal
Shroziq Unknown
Siqinni Unknown
Sonka Illegal
Soral Unknown
South Jute Legal, with stipulations
Sroyos Unknown
Taanttu Illegal
Tabiqa Legal, with stipulations
Temay Illegal
Teru Unknown
Thargo-Qotsian Union Legal, with stipulations
Tlha Ngai Unknown
Tsaba Unknown
Tuanmali Illegal
Tuyo Legal, with stipulations
Tzulhon Illegal
Ulvam Unknown
Veridia Illegal
Vezhon Unknown
Yachiro Unknown
Yahara Illegal
Yaxarhayut Legal, with stipulations
Zhinayak Illegal
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Legal (73)
Legal, with stipulations (51)
Illegal (62)
No legal sex (10)
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