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affix ur
 ⤷ Not dialect specific
  ⤷ Neutral
The register of this word is somewhat awe-stricken (i. e. "O greatness, o wonderful thing" rather than honorific, but it could be used either way (i. e. "O mine great lord Duncan" = "Narur Duncan")
No root/derivation information available.
* Pronunciation of this word was estimated based on phonology/orthography
↺ 7 June 2023, 16:28

Synonyms (1)? Based on the same wordlink. Showing max of 5.
 large (big)adjectiveur
Homonyms (9)? Based on identical spelling. Showing max of 5.
 great (mighty)affixur
 tall adjectiveur
honourificgreat (mighty)adjectiveur
 great (large)adjectiveur
 great (large)affixur
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