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Rwokoloofebian [RKF]
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Typology On hold 470 words
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Registered by [Deactivated User] on 28 December 2018
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Language type A priori
Species Human/humanoid
About Rwokoloofebian Grammar Features

  • Word order: OVS (default), OSV (interrogative) and VOS (imperative) only.
  • Classes: ANA (adjective, noun and adverb): adjectives preceeds nouns and adverbs preceeds verbs. This is how the 3 classes can be identified. And zero articles.
  • Grammatical cases: more or less 8 cases, but is an analytical language. And it has two numbers: singular and plural.
  • Reduplication: full reduplication usually is for augmentative (ANA class) and habitual aspect (verbs) while partial reduplication usually is for diminutive (ANA class) and progressive/gerund aspect (verbs). However, both of them can represent other conditions as well. Reduplication in VOS word order changes the verb from imperative to the subjunctive mood.
  • The adpositions are, in the majority, ambipositions.
  • And last but not least, the verbs and tenses! Rwokoloofebian's verbs are not conjugated and it has just only one form: vowel reduplication. So, how are the tenses marked at all? The answer is... the Entity pronouns!
  • The Entity Pronouns does have the duty of mark 'who' is the temporal subject or circumstantial subject of the sentence (or both). Temporal subject refers to the regular subject pronouns (agent; nominative case). Circumstantial subject refers to the regular object pronouns (patient; accusative case). And the pronouns never can be dropped.
  • The possessives have two categories: property and relationship.

comes from Proto-Rwoko (for now)
Sample of Rwokoloofebian[view] Koz böx tan.

This is my animal.
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Latest vocabulary
Nasal m n         [N]1    
Plosive p b t d         k g   ?2
Fricative   s z S Z         [X]3 h
Affricate     [tS]4 [dZ]5            
Lateral approximant   (l)6              
Approximant       [r\`]7 j8 w9      
Flap   4              
  1. Coda only, allophone of /n/
  2. Syntactic vowels quality, it's not a diphthong or consonant.
  3. Coda only, allophone of /h/
  4. Before syntactic vowels, allophone of /S/
  5. Before syntactic vowels, allophone of /Z/
  6. Uncommon phoneme :), allophone of /4/
  7. Before /w/ vowel type, Coda only, allophone of /4/
  8. Syntactic vowels quality, it's not a diphthong or consonant.
  9. Syntactic vowels quality, it's not a diphthong or consonant.
Close (i)1 (y)2 u3
Close-mid e o
Open-mid E4  
Open a5 & Q6
  1. Derived words
  2. Derived words
  3. Connection vowel only
  4. Plural/Genitive case.
  5. Plural/Genitive case.
  6. Plural/Genitive case.
Below is the orthography for Rwokoloofebian. This includes all graphemes as defined in the language's phonology settings - excluding the non-distinct graphemes/polygraphs.
a/ɶ/ä/a/1b/b/d/d/ë/ɛ/2e/e/g/g/h/h/, [χ]3i/i/4, /y/5
j/ʒ/, [d͡ʒ]6k/k/l[l]7m/m/n/n/, [ŋ]8o/o/ö/ɒ/9p/p/r/ɾ/, [ɻ]10
s/s/t/t/u/u/11w//x/ʃ/, [t͡ʃ]12y//z/z/
✖ Unknown alphabetical order
  1. Plural/Genitive case.
  2. Plural/Genitive case.
  3. Coda only.
  4. Derived words, loan words only
  5. Derived words, loan words only
  6. Before syntactic vowels
  7. Uncommon phoneme :), loan words only
  8. Coda only
  9. Plural/Genitive case.
  10. Before /w/ vowel type, Coda only.
  11. Connection vowel only
  12. Before syntactic vowels
Latest 8 related articles listed below.
no more rwoko. for future use now
28-Jul-19 04:07
Typological information for Rwokoloofebian

Copula droppingOther
Base counting systemQuinary (5)
Definite articleNone
Morphological typologyAnalytical
Morphosyntactic alignmentTripartite

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