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Actean [ACT]
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Leo Akateo
[le̞.o̞ a.ka.te̞.o̞]
Registered by Fayarc on 5 November 2017
Language type A posteriori
Species Human/humanoid
About Actean What if the Acteon Group, Tuamotu Archipelago, was inhabited? Here is a Polylang for that purpose! YAAAY!
I mean I did cheat a bit. It is derived straight from Proto-Polynesian, rather than Proto-Eastern-Polynesian (family of te ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi, te Reo Māʻohi/Tahiti, etc.). But oh well. I tried to make it a bit different ^^ There will probably be loanwords from other French Polynesian languages, English, French...
The most common native name is Leo Akateo, but another used name is Leo Tavaiki. It is spoken on the four Actean atolls, in Actean: Vaʻaka, Tetaruka, Tetararo, and Patureivavao.

There are three transcription systems. The main one is the standard Polynesian method, used as default. Another comes from the Tahitian Raapoto. Lastly, the Bugis alphabet has been adapted to the language, and is used mainly decoratively. It is generally used to distance Acteans from European influence. However, this script does present ambiguities, and is generally not preferred. Here is the UDHR 1 in Actean Raapoto:
Ê àve taa ìti takala ite fetua òeo ê laki òê rite ata látow i te papalu ò iiti pákava. Ê poroàki taa látow te ûi ò te kákaw òê puà fáyka faa toaì látow ò ê puà tukáte fé látow.
Compare to standard:
ʻĒ ʻave taʻa ʻiti takala i te fetua ʻo eo ʻē laki ʻo ʻē rite ata lātou i te papalu ʻo i ʻiti pākava. ʻĒ poroʻāki taʻa lātou te ʻūi ʻo te kākau ʻo ʻē puʻa fāika faʻa toaʻi lātou ʻo ʻē puʻa tukāte fē lātou.
And lastly:
ᨂᨏᨙ ᨂᨓᨙ ᨈᨂ ᨂᨗᨈᨗ ᨈᨀᨒ ᨕᨗ ᨈᨙ ᨅᨙᨈᨘᨕ ᨂᨚ ᨕᨙᨚ ᨂᨏᨙ ᨒᨀᨗ ᨂᨚ ᨂᨏᨙ ᨊᨗᨈᨙ ᨕᨈ ᨒᨏᨈᨚᨕᨘ ᨕᨗ ᨈᨙ ᨄᨄᨒᨘ ᨂᨚ ᨕᨗ ᨂᨗᨈᨗ ᨄᨏᨀᨓ᨞ ᨂᨏᨙ ᨄᨚᨊᨚᨂᨏᨀᨗ ᨈᨂ ᨒᨈᨚᨕᨘ ᨈᨙ ᨂᨏᨘᨕᨗ ᨂᨚ ᨈᨙ ᨀᨏᨀᨕᨘ ᨂᨚ ᨂᨏᨙ ᨄᨘᨂ ᨅᨏᨕᨗᨀ ᨅᨂ ᨈᨚᨕᨂᨗ ᨒᨏᨈᨚᨕᨘ ᨂᨚ ᨂᨏᨙ ᨄᨘᨂ ᨈᨘᨀᨏᨈᨙ ᨅᨏᨙ ᨒᨏᨈᨚᨕᨘ᨞
Sample of Actean[view] ʻĒ tāitaʻai vau.

I'm gay!
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Language family relationships
Language treeAustronesian
 ⤷ Proto-Austronesian
  ⤷ Malayo-Polynesian
   ⤷ Nuclear Malayo-Polynesian
    ⤷ Eastern Malayo-Polynesian
     ⤷ Oceanic
      ⤷ Central-Eastern Oceanic
       ⤷ Central Pacific
        ⤷ Polynesian
         ⤷  Actean
[view] About AustronesianThe Austronesian languages are a language family widely dispersed throughout the islands of Southeast Asia, Madagascar and the Pacific, with a few members on continental Asia, that are spoken by about 386 million people. A German scholar, Wilhelm Sch...
Plosive p   t k ʔ
Fricative   f v      
Lateral approximant     l    
Trill     r    
Close i i: u u:
Mid e̞ e̞: o̞ o̞:
Open a a:  
Below is the orthography for Actean. This includes all graphemes as defined in the language's phonology settings - excluding the non-distinct graphemes/polygraphs.
✖ Unknown alphabetical order
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