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Names in Felinese
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This public article was written by [Deactivated User] on 24 Oct 2016, 12:30. Editing of this article is shared with Felin Space Council.

[comments] Menu 1. General structure 2. Traditional given names
[edit] [top]General structure

XNickname or familiar termSisUsed in place of entire name.
1Given nameCier
2Family nameInadel
Rolethe brawlernever with capitals.
2/XHero titleThe BrawlerWritten in Lowerspeech kana or with capitals.
3Place of originof FhuraiNot used if there's a hero title

Thus, given names always come first, followed by the family name or a role, title, or origin. If a felin has a heroic title, they may be identified with just that.

Cier can thus be identified as just "Cier", "Cier Inadel", "Cier Inadel of Fhurai", "Cier the brawler", "Cier the Brawler", "The Brawler"... but rarely "Cier Inadel the Brawler", which is only used to be very specific.

[edit] [top]Traditional given names

Traditionally, given names always end in certain gender-specific suffixes. Which suffix specifically is a matter of style and taste. Base names may be nouns, but there's no rule.
Male suffixes: -lir, -rth, -ler, -rith, -lair, -len, -rath, -rthir, -vren, -thin.
Female suffixes: -rae, -ri, -mine, -rthi, -ne, -vra, -aie, -rith, -rthir, -ran.
Blessed suffixes: any of the above.

Given names don't have to use a traditional suffix.

For both given names and family names, traditional or otherwise, nouns may be deformed a bit. For example, "Inadel" is a historical variant of "indel", as its dictionary entry indicates.
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