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Idenian Romanisation
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Comparison of the two latin aphabet spelling systems of Idenian.
This public article was written by ChasetheRock, and last updated on 13 Feb 2019, 02:24.

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Because of the widespread use of  Idenian throughout the entirety of Wiro'fo, there are a multitude of romanisation systems in use to render Idenian texts. There are two primary systems of romanisation in Idenian: (yideN'pe) Yiden-pe and (keru'pe) Kerupe. Yiden-pe is designed to better reflect the grammar and native orthography, while Kerupe is designed to better reflect the phonology in order to aid in the reading of texts.


ha aa
ha ii
he ee
ho oo
hu uu
' ', -Ø
r rr
s ss
k kk
g gg
t tt
m mm
n nn
w ww
c šš
y yy
f ff
b bb
d dd
p pp
h ØØ, '
N n-n
() "Ø, "

Yiden-pe is written in all lower-case, with the ' šeye represented by both apostrophes <'> representing lexical boundaries in compound words and hyphens <-> representing grammatical boundaries between roots and affixes. It uses quotation marks <"> to denote proper nouns.
Keru-pe is written with upper-case letters at the beginning of sentences to denote proper nouns, with the ' šeye being omitted entirely. The syllabic nasal N n' is written with a plain <n> and when in conflict with it's non-syllabic counterpart will be rendered as <n'> (i.e. roN'ho ron'o (Yiden-pe: ron-o) vs. rono rono (Yiden-pe: rono)).


Keru'rosu: keru'ku'ca do (ro keru'ku)'ho.
Yiden-pe: keru'ku-ša do "ro keru'ku"-o.
Keru-pe: Kerukuša do Ro Kerukuo.
Translation: I speak Idenian.

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