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Ov and lightning
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This public article was written by [Deactivated User], and last updated on 15 May 2019, 01:23.

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Ov and lightning

I've established a wide lexical field around thunderstorms in Ov. This is one very developed part of the lexicon because thunderstorms were considered to be the mightiest natural phenomenon and constitute the foundation of Chalyl's local beliefs to this day. Sadly, all of this vocabulary is slowly becoming obsolete in the modern world, although the distinctions are still understood by the younger generations nowadays, except for a few words like « śträł » or « zwongean » which, if understood, are considered literary.

(0) indicates null derivation, meaning that the verb is the same as the noun. Although colloquially, that may be true of any word.

[top]Around « lightning »

śökcark /sʏk͡ɬɑrk/ – generic (literally « rainflash »)

śträł /stræç/ – witnessed

płongahr /pço̞ŋɑ:ɾ̝/ – witnessed very closely

zwongean /t͡ɕwo̞ŋɤn/ – partly witnessed (e.g. partly hidden by a mountain, or seen by means of the corner of one's eye)

zwopl /t͡ɕwo̞ɫ̪/ – the moment, at night, when everything is lit as if by daylight by a lightning bolt

zwor /t͡ɕwo̞ɾ̝/ – the potentially thunderless glimmers you see from very far away in the middle of the night (the phenomenon showed in the gif is one)

zysztś /t͡ɕʏst͡s/ – unexpected and/or rainless

loníngniszkgad /lo̞ni:ŋ͡nɪskɑd/ – striking over the sea

iärwëk /jærwɪk/ – intercloud

itszökcark /ɪt͡sʏk͡ɬɑrk/ – solitary lightning (not part of a thunderstorm) or cloudless lightning

eruiël ea Clohrsan /e̞ɾ̝uɪ̯l ɤ ɬlo̞:ɾ̝ɕɑn/ – perceived as an omen or a divine manifestation

íngniszkgad /i:ŋ͡nɪskɑd/ – scientific term

kglönzwongean /klʏnt͡ɕwo̞ŋɤn/ – volcanic lightning

farlíś /fɑrli:s/ – extraterrestrial / extrasaharal*

íngniszkgautdan /i:ŋ͡nɪskɑwtɑn/ – artificial

* Artist rendition.

But also:

- śträłläm – point of impact
- łandan – augmentative
- rohkër – perceived as threatening or dangerous


śträłvuhr /stræxwu:ɾ̝/ – a fire started by a lightning bolt

läszlís /læsli:ɕ/ – lightning damage

noszträł /no̞stræç/ – transient luminous event

clohrguv /ɬlo̞:ɾ̝guw/ – ball lightning

But also:

- clohrévä – a picture of a lightning bolt
- psöszträł - astraphobia (fear of lightning)
- psönkgouszt - astraphobia (fear of thunder)
- clohmohgar - astraphobia (non specific)
- clyhr - storm wind

[top]Around « thunder »

kgouszt (0) /ko̞wst/ – generic

łäiłëm /çæɪ̯çɪm/ – high-pitched, skrrra-ish

voiëcum /wo̞ɪ̯ɬum/ – distant

pbtdoum /pto̞wm/ – thunderclap; close, bang-ish*

* This audio file probably is not one of an actual thunderclap; though for having experienced some of those, I decided to use it as an illustration regardless.

But also:

- ropbean – in the mountains, rolling
- voiëcman – as heard continually from a distant thunderstorm

[top]Around « thunderstorm »

- śökcarkan – generic
- fwohszt – the core part of it, where there are lightning bolts
- kgousztkuharz – the core part of it, where there are lightning bolts, but as it has just started
- mohgar – violent or considered dangerous
- swaclaur - snow thunderstorm

[top]Around « rain »

śök (0) /sʏk/ – generic

fraust /frɑwɕt/ – dense rain

knuiëntor /knuɪ̯nto̞ɾ̝/ – warm summer rain

blëszan (0) /ɫ̪ɪsɑn/ – cold autumn/winter rain

angnlyr /ɑŋ͡nlʏɾ̝/ – not a necessarily dense rain but fat raindrops

śöknängël /sʏknæŋɪl/ – the smell of the soil after the rain which I goddamn fucking love

But also:

- wämlongn - long-lasting rain (over more than a whole day)
- śöktad - the sound of the rain on a non natural surface
- śöknoc - the natural sound of the rain
- lyr - raindrop
- lyllyr (0) - drizzle
- mëtszök - something between drizzle and fog; fog you come out of with your hair soaked
- śökslehnea - the fog shreds raising from the ground after a storm
- koakszök (0) - hail
- koaklyr - snowflake or hailstone

I used Google Images, Giphy and SoundBible for the illustrations.
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