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Clan roles
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This public article was written by [Deactivated User], and last updated on 3 Apr 2014, 01:54.

[comments] Menu 1. What each role can do 2. Changing member roles Within a clan, roles can be assigned to certain members in order to help with maintenance or governance. There are three main roles. These are: Admin (A), Moderator (M), Board Moderator (B).

The creator of the clan is automatically assigned as the Admin of the clan. Other Admin users can be set through the clan homepage.

[top]What each role can do

Admin: The admin roles are capable of editing any part of the clan including deleting the clan, editing the name, colour and symbol, editing the homepage, boards and setting user roles.

Moderators: Moderators are offered the next level of access. This includes accepting requests/making invites, editing the homepage, managing member roles (restricted), and managing boards.

Board moderators: These members exist purely to moderate the boards. This includes editing and removing posts, renaming posts, changing the boards (adding, editing, deleting) and so forth.

[top]Changing member roles

Changing the roles is easy. You can do this on the clan page, and click the '✎ Edit member roles' button. The page will then display drop down menus for each of the members in the clan. When you change one, the page will reload, change the role, and redirect back to where you were.

There are some restrictions on who can change what roles. It is important to note, that every clan must have at least one Admin - so if you are the sole Admin of a clan, you cannot demote yourself until you appoint a new Admin. Below is a list of what users can change what...

  • Admin

    • Promote/demote other Admin
    • Promote/demote Moderators
    • Promote/demote Board moderators
    • Promote/demote Normal members
    • Demote self if not the sole Admin

  • Moderator

    • Promote/demote Board moderators
    • Promote/demote Normal members
    • Demote self

  • Board moderators

    • No access

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