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This page allows you to compare typological data across conlangs on CWS.
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ANR ElvishSyllable structureSimple (CV)bookhobbit
ANR ElvishPast tense remotenessNo degrees of remotenessbookhobbit
ANR ElvishMarked person (verb)1st/2nd/3rd personsbookhobbit
ANR ElvishPronoun persons1st/2nd/3rd/4th personsbookhobbit
ANR ElvishToneSimple tone system (2 level tones)bookhobbit
ANR ElvishBase counting systemSenary (6)bookhobbit
ANR ElvishNegation markingAffixbookhobbit
ANR ElvishAnimacy distinctionsAnimate/Inanimatebookhobbit
ANR ElvishGendersAnimate/Inanimatebookhobbit
ANR ElvishDouble negativesAmplify negativebookhobbit
ANR ElvishUnmarked evidentialAuditorybookhobbit
ANR ElvishConsonant-vowel ratioAveragebookhobbit
ANR ElvishVowel inventory sizeAveragebookhobbit
ANR ElvishLabial typesLabials and /w/bookhobbit
ANR ElvishValence increasing voicesCausative onlybookhobbit
ANR ElvishMass/noncount nounsTreated as collectivebookhobbit
ANR ElvishNoun incorporationCompound incorporationbookhobbit
ANR ElvishCoding of evidentialityVerbal conjugationbookhobbit
ANR ElvishPrimary writing systemConscriptbookhobbit
ANR ElvishUnmarked moodDeclarative or indicativebookhobbit
ANR ElvishDefinite articleWord for 'this/that' usedbookhobbit
ANR ElvishDemonstrative proximityDistal/Medial/Proximalbookhobbit
ANR ElvishNoun head-directionalityEitherbookhobbit
ANR ElvishVerb head-directionalityEitherbookhobbit
ANR ElvishNoun-noun possessionGenitive or possessive casebookhobbit
ANR ElvishInclusive/exclusive pronounsDistinct formsbookhobbit
ANR ElvishPerfectVerb conjugationbookhobbit
ANR ElvishPolar question markingInterrogative verb markingbookhobbit
ANR ElvishVowel phonationNo distinctions (modal only)bookhobbit
ANR ElvishFuture tenseVerb conjugationbookhobbit
ANR ElvishConsonant inventory sizeModerately smallbookhobbit
ANR ElvishCoarticulation / Consonant seriesNonebookhobbit
ANR ElvishGlottalised consonantsNo glottalised consonantsbookhobbit
ANR ElvishAlienabilityNo alienabilitybookhobbit
ANR ElvishVowel harmonyNonebookhobbit
ANR ElvishVowel harmony scopeNo vowel harmonybookhobbit
ANR ElvishAdjective agreementNumber and classbookhobbit
ANR ElvishNoun-adjective orderNoun firstbookhobbit
ANR ElvishNoun-numeral orderNoun firstbookhobbit
ANR ElvishVowel harmony exemptionsNo vowel harmonybookhobbit
ANR ElvishConstituent dislocation possibleNobookhobbit
ANR ElvishStress marked?Nobookhobbit
ANR ElvishFixed stress locationNonebookhobbit
ANR ElvishPresence of /b/, /d/, and /g/Nonebookhobbit
ANR ElvishRetroflex consonantsNonebookhobbit
ANR ElvishUvular consonantsNonebookhobbit
ANR ElvishMarked transitivity (verb)Nonebookhobbit
ANR ElvishIndefinite articleWord for 'one' usedbookhobbit
ANR ElvishPrimary word orderOVSbookhobbit
ANR ElvishValence decreasing voicesPassive onlybookhobbit
ANR ElvishMarked voice (verb)Passive onlybookhobbit
ANR ElvishMarked aspect (verb)Perfective and imperfectivebookhobbit
ANR ElvishMorphological typologyPolysyntheticbookhobbit
ANR ElvishCopula droppingPresent tense onlybookhobbit
ANR ElvishPresence of /p/, /t/, and /k//p/, /t/, and /k/bookhobbit
ANR ElvishRelative clause headPronoun retainedbookhobbit
ANR ElvishNasalsNasal stops onlybookhobbit
ANR ElvishPronoun numbersSingular/Paucal/Pluralbookhobbit
ANR ElvishNoun numbersSingular/Pluralbookhobbit
ANR ElvishPhonemic vowel lengthShort/Longbookhobbit
ANR ElvishEvidentiality distinctionsSensory input typebookhobbit
ANR ElvishVerb agreementSubject and objectbookhobbit
ANR ElvishScript typeSyllabarybookhobbit
ANR ElvishTense/aspect suppletionTense onlybookhobbit
ANR ElvishMorphosyntactic alignmentTripartitebookhobbit
ANR ElvishPrimary directional systemAbsolute elevation (up/downhill...)bookhobbit
ANR ElvishPolar question answersVerb repetitionbookhobbit
ANR ElvishPhonation typesVoiced/ voiceless/ ejectivebookhobbit
ANR ElvishPronoun dropping?Yesbookhobbit
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