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Typological database
This page allows you to compare typological data across conlangs on CWS.
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ZPH AeweliClick releasesOneZxhandir
ZPH AeweliBase counting systemSenary (6)Zxhandir
ZPH AeweliCoding of evidentialityAffix or cliticZxhandir
ZPH AeweliAnimacy distinctionsAnimate/InanimateZxhandir
ZPH AeweliDouble negativesAmplify negativeZxhandir
ZPH AeweliMorphological typologyAnalyticalZxhandir
ZPH AeweliIndefinite articleDistinct articleZxhandir
ZPH AeweliVowel inventory sizeAverageZxhandir
ZPH AeweliLabial typesLabials and /w/Zxhandir
ZPH AeweliUnmarked moodDeclarative or indicativeZxhandir
ZPH AeweliDefinite articleWord for 'this/that' usedZxhandir
ZPH AeweliDemonstrative proximityDistal/ProximalZxhandir
ZPH AeweliAdposition head-directionalityHead finalZxhandir
ZPH AeweliGendersHuman/Non-humanZxhandir
ZPH AeweliConsonant-vowel ratioLowZxhandir
ZPH AeweliGlottalised consonantsNo glottalised consonantsZxhandir
ZPH AeweliClick phonationsNasal and oral (+/-V)Zxhandir
ZPH AeweliCopula droppingNoneZxhandir
ZPH AeweliPresence of /b/, /d/, and /g/NoneZxhandir
ZPH AeweliRetroflex consonantsNoneZxhandir
ZPH AeweliUvular consonantsNoneZxhandir
ZPH AeweliPresence of /p/, /t/, and /k//p/, /t/, and /k/Zxhandir
ZPH AeweliEvidentiality distinctionsReportative (quotative etc)Zxhandir
ZPH AeweliContour clicksSimple clicks onlyZxhandir
ZPH AeweliFixed stress locationSecond syllableZxhandir
ZPH AeweliMass/noncount nounsTreated as singularZxhandir
ZPH AeweliNoun numbersSingular/PluralZxhandir
ZPH AeweliConsonant inventory sizeSmallZxhandir
ZPH AeweliUnmarked evidentialSensory/other sensoryZxhandir
ZPH AeweliPrimary directional systemAbsolute elevation (up/downhill...)Zxhandir
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