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This page allows you to compare typological data across conlangs on CWS.
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AWD MwendaniClick releasesOneWolfofAnarchy
BEA ajawamuClick releasesOneoilucy
BVA BaharzaClick releasesOneR22
DMT DngmatnarClick releasesOnenixame
EKO KomureanClick releasesOnekoiramainen
FEL FelineseClick releasesOneKawa
IRO MironoClick releasesOnetildeath
KKT KkoyattolinangClick releasesOneFran
LKI LikisaniClick releasesOneaugust
NHL NehalClick releasesOnethatfelipe
NOJ AvialClick releasesOnemender
NPP PnapaicClick releasesOneMisterCreeper35
OUL tamuyamClick releasesOneoilucy
OWO OwonClick releasesOnesevertzi
PDX ParadoxianClick releasesOneLuigicat11
QHI QuipClick releasesOnePoshKraken
SMB SchmilblickClick releasesOneMisterCreeper35
TBJ SoejaClick releasesOnePhoenix
UGL UngwaClick releasesOneBackyard Faerie
VXR VäxáraiClick releasesOneCamera244
WRI Sacred EarthClick releasesOnemoonstone
XAT WubbernishClick releasesOneSneakystorm
XJL XaçeyulClick releasesOneAlexio
YHS FashClick releasesOnethiccawicca
YOK yokraogianClick releasesOneAnuj Mishra
YWS TorassiClick releasesOnesuicey
ZUZ Zu'uClick releasesOneEmma J Wood
199 GargaPronoun persons1st person onlyasdrop
A93 AûtaenPronoun persons1st person onlyJared J Fleming
BOF Ovis AriesianPronoun persons1st person onlyt'éþĩçjìiírel
BOT BotlangPronoun persons1st person onlyTinzin
JQA AuankoriPronoun persons1st person onlyasdrop
KDO KudoPronoun persons1st person onlyRath12
UVN AlicksaPronoun persons1st person onlyasdrop
199 GargaSyllable structureSimple (CV)asdrop
AAA AaaaaaSyllable structureSimple (CV)soup
AAM BasirianSyllable structureSimple (CV)Drunkard
AAQ KamaliSyllable structureSimple (CV)Kjerin
ACT ActeanSyllable structureSimple (CV)Fayarc
AHH KaikunuhSyllable structureSimple (CV)doughboywwi
AKP AkapiSyllable structureSimple (CV)YoruFeisu
ALG AligianSyllable structureSimple (CV)argyle
AMM AðmáSyllable structureSimple (CV)Chazniac
AMX Ame LanguageSyllable structureSimple (CV)小橘子
ANR AlonarriSyllable structureSimple (CV)bookhobbit
APH UnnamedSyllable structureSimple (CV)leanancailin
ASL AkoshaluSyllable structureSimple (CV)nadiarwendt
ATC AtačatlaSyllable structureSimple (CV)AndyTheConlanger
AUW AmiruSyllable structureSimple (CV)scelerabamme
AVA AvesseanSyllable structureSimple (CV)sucrion
AVL VallessaSyllable structureSimple (CV)firejay1
AWP Proto-AtwoSyllable structureSimple (CV)Arcaeca Enmengal
AWR WareSyllable structureSimple (CV)Luna
AZG MakaariSyllable structureSimple (CV)ConLangingPerson
BBC ArcsianSyllable structureSimple (CV)murrharve99
BBU BubeilanSyllable structureSimple (CV)FoxxDogg
BEA ajawamuSyllable structureSimple (CV)oilucy
BJC BejíanSyllable structureSimple (CV)jhstudios9
BOF Ovis AriesianSyllable structureSimple (CV)t'éþĩçjìiírel
BUT Classical BatusSyllable structureSimple (CV)Tharpigan
BZR PosiliSyllable structureSimple (CV)Agent 187
CAB KanbeSyllable structureSimple (CV)kanberu
CCL Chromatic Cave LanguageSyllable structureSimple (CV)fractalshadow
CCR CarwylleSyllable structureSimple (CV)AlmightyBenn
CHM ChalamèSyllable structureSimple (CV)Nementor
COA Co'akSyllable structureSimple (CV)arkholt
CST TahuSyllable structureSimple (CV)csv
CSU TereyakoSyllable structureSimple (CV)Lime
CVQ MarssSyllable structureSimple (CV)iLarryTheOneLung
DIP leliSyllable structureSimple (CV)Braixtomp654
DNV NoverianSyllable structureSimple (CV)Matt
DVI CelestianSyllable structureSimple (CV)celestian
EKM Reformed MonyoSyllable structureSimple (CV)Katrasho
EKO KomureanSyllable structureSimple (CV)koiramainen
ELG AgdosoSyllable structureSimple (CV)Arch
EMM LemelSyllable structureSimple (CV)nauris0355
ESJ Forest EskiSyllable structureSimple (CV)Eski
EUX ÉuSyllable structureSimple (CV)Rowe
EYA EyareSyllable structureSimple (CV)Eyare
FAU FauneseSyllable structureSimple (CV)ramutheconlanger
FIC FriconianSyllable structureSimple (CV)ZyChrome
FLP Fei LōpeSyllable structureSimple (CV)nadiarwendt
FLW Flow LanguageSyllable structureSimple (CV)Mariaria
GAO GaelishSyllable structureSimple (CV)Anderteanga
GDJ GhudjianSyllable structureSimple (CV)David Trew
GEB GebatlishSyllable structureSimple (CV)MatrickPelitski
GIC GicuSyllable structureSimple (CV)janPikane
GIR DirenulSyllable structureSimple (CV)Luna
GLW HwethishSyllable structureSimple (CV)Tensaia
GSL SgaolishSyllable structureSimple (CV)Tensaia
HAE Old HaeladSyllable structureSimple (CV)Dagrkhaz
HDA HadrianSyllable structureSimple (CV)CuttingChipset
HRT PsychianSyllable structureSimple (CV)Mary Elizabeth Morken
HTN HakkanSyllable structureSimple (CV)Tharpigan
HTW UnnamedSyllable structureSimple (CV)Titanslayer111
IAO PlutchikSyllable structureSimple (CV)Nicholas Wise
IGK EspianSyllable structureSimple (CV)BlueFlash
IIJ yanoizeSyllable structureSimple (CV)Eli Da Magician
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