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 Ekuostian Namebase
Namebase is a mini-database of personal proper names in your language.
Name Type of name Gender Notes
Ástlem Given name Male
Bemín Given name Female from Dzimraic "Vämün"
Domyobá Given name Unisex
Eíkatsá Surname N/A
Eskumrád Given name Unisex from Dzimraic "Êiskumât"
Gálas Given name Female
Gídsueká Given name Unisex
Gerut Given name Male
Kenumí Surname N/A
Koruos Given name Male
Mánísut Surname N/A
Mástát Given name Unisex
Misaítan Given name Unisex
Norusaít Given name Female
Otímsu Given name Unisex
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