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 Drelian Namebase
Namebase is a mini-database of personal proper names in your language.
Name Type of name Gender Notes
Agiin Given name Male Silver
Agreth Surname Unisex Autumn
Aia Given name Female Love
Astula Given name Female Star (Feminine)
Bilai Surname Unisex Dancer
Calomerra Given name Female Rainbow (feminine)
Corinda Given name Female Adaptation of the word for Song
Drelysscal Surname Unisex Child of Drelys
Efri Given name Female Early
Ezreth Given name Unisex Spring
Fasel Given name Unisex Derived from Hazel
Ferrox Given name Male Lightning
Fikia Given name Female Promise
Flonmof Surname Unisex Lord
Gidai Given name Male Leader
Gilgaradrel Surname Unisex Scholarly Elf
Gryf Given name Male Gryphon
Hila Given name Unisex Good
Homscal Surname Unisex Child of a Human- Only present in those with Human heritage
Imascal Surname Unisex Small Child
Imrolt Surname Unisex Stream
Indre Given name Unisex Derived from Yellow
Julea Given name Female Dream
Karascal Surname Unisex Child of a Giant- Only present in those with Giant heritage
Kemoridrel Surname Unisex Elven Alchemist
Kimin Given name Unisex Light
Kipindrel Surname Unisex Warm Elf
Konmoai Given name Male Master
Lataidrel Surname Unisex Elven Teacher
Liadra Given name Female Feminine derivation from Pink
Machastul Surname Unisex Constellation
Magidrel Surname Unisex Magical Elf
Mallinai Surname Unisex Messenger
Merren Given name Male Sea
Neferte Given name Unisex Free
Omola Given name Female Moon
Onmof Surname Unisex Leader
Orescal Surname Unisex Child of an Orc- Only present in those with Orcish heritage
Parai Given name Unisex Prayer
Piram Given name Male Dragon
Rethalla Surname Unisex Season
Rossa Given name Unisex Rose
Sameen Given name Unisex Lotus
Samureth Given name Unisex Winter
Sedre Given name Male Derived from Orange (color)
Stakrai Given name Male Hunter
Strodrel Surname Unisex Strong Elf
Talascal Surname Unisex Child of a Dwarf- Only present in those with Dwarven heritage
Vemra Given name Female Plant
Vivie Given name Unisex Gorgeous
Wispre Surname Unisex Spirit
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